Here are testimonials about what our clients have said about how we helped them get to where they wan to be. If you need to know more about us click here.

H R Manager

“Rosemary has helped me to get a clearer picture of where I want my career to go and what skills and experience, I will need to progress it to the next stage. She has very much made me think outside the box and question the past to establish the best way to progress. We have now figured out where and what types of jobs that I am now looking for and developed a wish list of what I am looking for in my next role. I now feel in a much better position to be able to move forward and find the perfect role for me. Thank you for your help, Rosemary!”

Fiona Bruce, HR Manager

Health and Safety Manager

“Rosemary used probing questions and did make me feel a little uncomfortable at times, but I soon realised that this was ok as I was moving forward with my life and was what I needed to have happen.”

Scott Young, Health and Safety Manager

Housing Association

“Rosemary’s training and facilitation skills helped us to achieve better results in our workshops and helped to inspire the team.”

Joanne Burns, Cairn Housing Association, Edinburgh

Woman’s Aid

“I first viewed coaching as something that was scary as I thought that there would be long awkward silences (from me) and I would be under the spotlight, but it hasn’t felt like that – I see you in a guiding role, giving me suggestions and subtle ideas about how to deal with situations that I may find difficult. I have learned to think about others when communicating and how my actions could affect them and getting me to identify solutions and recognise the changes I need to make.”

G.V. Woman’s Aid, Fife


“Rosemary has a great wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on and it really showed in the way she helped me with some particular challenges I am trying to deal with. She has a great way of helping you to stand back and begin to work out some of the answers for yourself, always a sign of a good coach. It was invaluable time well spend and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.” 

Linda Mercer, Centre Manager, Liberty Business Centres

Director of Primary Care and Counter Fraud

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Rosemary.  Despite leading and managing large teams I was not applying much of my own advice to myself.  This resulted in a myriad of confused and often competing priorities and thoughts.  Rosemary helped me to work through these bringing order to the chaos.  Her questioning was skilled and forced me to really reflect on each of the thoughts going through my mind.  Setting me ‘homework’ to complete between meetings also helped me become more self-aware about what I really wanted rather than what I thought I wanted.  I learned it is OK to be happy with your lot and you don’t need to be chasing the next ‘big thing’.  I have started to be more questioning and less accepting at work which was one of my aims.  I have also found more inner peace, resulting in a healthier approach and significant weight loss as an added bonus. In sum,  my sessions with Rosemary helped me clarify what really matters to me, where I could enhance my strengths and where some skills needed more attention.  I am much happier in myself and with my current situation.  I don’t feel like I have to chase every aspiration, just those that are of real value and bring balance to my work and family life.”

Martin Bell, Director of Primary Care and Counter Fraud

Operations Manager

“Rosemary Armstrong of RJA Coaching and Development provides a wonderfully personal and tailored service that I can recommend to anyone wishing to get the best out of themselves or their staff.

We worked with Rosemary to develop a member of our team and her one to one coaching program has given the member of staff the tools and confidence to develop their current role and ongoing career. There has been such a fundamentally positive improvement as a result of her work that I would happily recommend her services.”

Debbie Irving, Operations Manager, Euro-Precision

Small Business Owner

A small business owner whom I have met over a period of time on and off to encourage and help during tough times and good times. A genuine roller coaster. Here is what he had to say: –

“Rosemary was someone I met at a business function and I knew from the start that she was a person of passion and very genuine, not only was she searching herself for things but was able to listen and accept where I was at. Sometimes this was on a high and sometimes on a low as the life stories hit me and then business stories hit me. Rosemary is an excellent listener and just when you think you have your point across she will stir into the mix a small challenge. I have met Rosemary over a period at times, over a coffee, I must add, and she has given me inspiration and challenges that have only driven me forward. Have a chat with her over a coffee what have you to lose?”

Ian Thomson, Owner, IT Turning Point