Simply put it’s helping you to reconnect with who you really are – through my signature course Redesign Your lIfe you will be guided through every step of creating your own Life Vision, which is a deeply personal game plan that reveals who you really are, what you really want and precisely how to realise your vision of your ultimate life.

Wondering how all this fits in with your Professional career and support you dealing with any axiety or stress that is in your life right now? Easy. By looking at 10 different areas of your life and determining what you want from each area, we can gain balance and clarity around both your professional and personal life. In balance their is peace.

In essence you will create a shinning light or North Star if you like, that you can keep pinned uppermost in your mind to follow and attain. No matter what life throws at you.

Why 10 areas?

These areas look at basics – Health and Fitness, You intellect, your emotions, your character, your Spiritual side, your relationships, parenting (with/without kids and your own parents), your Social Life, your finances, your career, which when put together will determine what you want from your life and provide a clear path to follow to achieve it. Covering both your professional and personal life

To do this you will want someone who is willing to go really deep on what you really want, to help you get clear on the little steps you can take to get there and to help you see what is actually holding you back. It’s those small steps that have the biggest impact.

Who am I Speaking to here?

I talking to you…the Professional in Human Resources. The woman who is trying to be all things to all people but who knows that she can do and be more. Who understand that the creating something which is going to support her and those around her needs something different.

Remember people never actually pay for coaching – they pay for the transformation they’ll get through the process of coaching. They’re paying for their dreams- and those are priceless

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