Simply put it’s helping you to reconnect with who you really are – connection is one of our basic human needs, we need a sense of belonging, we want to feel seen and heard, respected and have our place in the world and the lives of those around us. (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, For more information, click here.)

Like the caterpillar turning into a cocoon and then transforming into a Butterfly – we have a need to connect with the world around us in whatever way we can at each and every stage of our lives

Connecting with self is more about finding out why you do certain things or even why you don’t do them. What is it that is getting in the way of you becoming the person you want to be? What does being happy actually mean (clue – it’s not what you think!)? How can you improve your interactions with others around you? How can you achieve those long held dreams?

Sounds difficult? Not really, as you already know exactly who you are and what you want, you just haven’t been paying attention, and more often than not, you’re buried under a bunch of obligations and expectations (mainly set by others) that don’t serve you or anyone else.

You want someone who is willing to go really deep on what you really want, to help you get clear on the little steps you can take to get there and to help you see what is actually holding you back. It’s those small steps that have the biggest impact.

Who am I Speaking to here?

What I love about coaching, is working one to one with amazing people like you – people who inspire me as much as I inspire them. No matter who you are or what you do, we all need someone who can help us see our true potential and bring it to the fore.

People never actually pay for coaching – they pay for the transformation they’ll get through the process of coaching. They’re paying for their dreams- and those are priceless

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