Law of Attraction Explained

Faith V Fear

We all have them…the voices in your head

Voice 1 – (your higher self) “go on, you can do it”

Voice 2 – (your ego – we have more than one ego) “don’t be ridiculous”

Voice 3 – (you…) – **settles debate**

It is difficult to  manifest your goals and desires with the constant battle in your mind between your higher self and your ego – a battle that will be with you at every stage of growth until you ‘normalise’ your goal going through each of the levels, to which it will surface again for the next battle!

Being aware is half the battle…recognising the ego (in all its forms) thoughts, thanking, letting them go.

It sounds easy when you put it like that – simple steps..

However, your human brain and subconscious mind is wired to search for fear (always looking at keeping you safe and sound)

Therefore, if you are afraid of doing something whether consciously or not, your subconscious will make sure it keeps you safe..(it loves you..)

This will look like – procrastination, fixing things that aren’t really broken, downloading yet another freebie instead of focussing on the program you invested thousands for with your Coach etc

So, it would therefore make sense to give  your brain some better pictures to look at regarding your goals, wouldn’t it?

Giving it a positive association with the thing you want, so that it can find the fastest route to take you there..

Choosing faith over fear, starts with giving your brain brilliant images of the outcome you desire – through visualisations, journaling, your vision board, mindset techniques and my Life Chart Coaching programme.

Your next step is to normalise what you want – surround yourself with people who are already being and doing what you want to achieve

Giving yourself permission to succeed and allowing your brain to see the safe and desired outcome, allows it to find the fastest route to get you there.

Understand this and your can see that the Law of Attraction is simply a belief and a belief is simply the attitude around whether or not we believe something to be true

What thoughts, words and actions do you feed your belief system with daily?

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