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A warm welcome from rja coaching and development… The No 1 Performance and Anxiety Coach for female HR Professionals.

The individual service I provide is based on over 20yrs of experience within the Learning and Development arena, HR Management, and voluntary work. Those I serve, learn how to connect with their inner spirit and find their own path to a life that supports their dreams and passions.

For some there comes a point in life where you start to think about the future and what it may hold for you and those around you. Working with me will help you clarify this and support you in creating a completely new outlook on your future. Letting you TAKE CHARGE of your life. No more letting others dictate your dreams and life path for you.

Either as 1:1 Coaching or as Group Coaching my 8-week course – Redesign Your Life – will help you to unearth the hidden beliefs and subconscious patterns holding you back from your fullest potential and most authentic self. Then you will dive deep into your core identity and desires, as you gain priceless clarity on what you really want in life, why you want it, and how you’re going to get it.… contact me today.