A warm welcome from rja coaching and development… where the Butterfly learns how to fly.

The individual service I provide is based on over 20yrs of experience within the Learning and Development arena, HR Management, and voluntary work. Those I serve, learn how to connect with their inner spirit and find their own path to a life that supports their dreams and passions. So if you are at a crossroads or the past is stopping the future then get in touch and let us at least start to talk and get that cocoon to crack open and the butterfly to emerge.

The good news is I can even help you start to fly, or move forward, we work it out together.

I utilise 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Dreamwork and team training I work with you to achieve the change that will take you from cocoon to Butterfly… If you can visualise your future life, then we can create it, but first, you need to take the first step…contact me today.